Strategy- and Process-Consulting

  • Early identification and assessment of opportunities and adjustment needs
  • Exploration and coordination of operation activities
  • Support the implementation of new processes and structures
  • Promotion of an organizational culture to meet operational efficiency and flexibility


You have your business under control. Your processes are stable. Quality and results are ok. Conditions are not static! New demands are coming-up, expectations needs to be added; interfaces within the processes have to be amended. What does this mean for you and what actions are you going to initiate today?

Our proven track and competence in methodology and our very deep understanding of the business, will contribute to determine your situation and to analyze the facts. We work out concrete options and support you to take decisions. We accompany you in the implementation of measures decided – the experienced consultants of the MVI Group are looking forward to give support to you. Thus, strategic and conceptual skill pairs with operational excellence to your advantage. We are a one-stop-shopping project house and solution partner.

We are able to deliver short-term driven success fitting a sustainable solution. Sustainability does not mean “rigid or unchangeable” to us. We accept the need for change as a given. Sustainable structures are characterized by the transparency of the “now” and the awareness of the possibility for modification. Continuous adaptation takes out the increasing pressure to change a system sometime; it is ready for changes at any time. Clear target, flexible execution.

MVI PROMOTIVE Management stands for successful change management projects and partners with all competences available within the MVI Group to drive your project successfully through the phases analyze conception and implementation.